A creative reflective essay relating my

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A creative reflective essay relating my

A further concern for me is the fact that in both the and the survey, the participants from each country, were limited to university students. In some of the developing countries used for the survey the percentage of the total population with sufficient literacy skills and financial support to obtain a tertiary education would be quite low.

Therefore, I consider the findings drawn from these two surveys regarding the level of linkage between national culture, economic development and the impact of each on the other to be flawed.

No doubt undertaking such a large scale project was a costly endeavour and this is perhaps the reason for such inadequate sampling and from which I have drawn three main areas of concern regarding the validity of the findings. Firstly, the sample size was restricted to university students all studying psychology or a related field; only one university was included rom each nation and, the average mean age of the students was The sample should have represented a much broader cross section of each population and included participants from all adult age groups across a diverse range of occupations.

Additionally, there was no consideration given to the ratio of sample size to total population numbers. The ratio of participants to total population numbers in both and is inadequate and the survey also failed to make any adjustments for growth in population numbers during the ensuing 20 years.

The aims, interests, beliefs and desires of a small group of students statistically from middle and upper socioeconomic backgrounds are not a true representation of the total population of a nation.

I do not believe it is possible to gain a true indication of the relationship between national culture and economic development using such a limiting instrument. Thirdly, I do not believe GDP is always a good indicator of the economic development of a nation.

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Economic development is more than a figure representing the total value of goods and services produced in a given year in comparison to total consumer, government and investment spending. The USA could be considered one such example: However, I do not agree with the recommendation for a future study that again uses Ng et al.

I do agree with the middle-ground theory where the influence of cultural values and economic development work together in ebb and flow style: The ancient Chinese understanding of how things work Yin-Yang is an excellent representation of this theory: This is why I believe the middle ground theory is the logical choice: I also believe any future study wishing to examine the link between national culture and economic development will need to consider much broader issues than those addressed in this article.

Apart from the restrictions of the size sample in these surveys, any new survey should consider: I have not previously reflected on climate change in relation to this article and in the subject did not hold as much sway as it does in ; nor am I sure how or if it could be factored into such a survey.

However, climate change is a global threat and developing nations are the most vulnerable. Although nothing in life is truly black and white:> A Creative Reflective Essay Relating My Understanding of an Article from the Cross-Cultural Journal of Psychology: Essay Example: A Creative Reflective Essay Relating My Understanding of an Article from the Cross-Cultural Journal of Psychology: We Will Write A Custom Essay Sample.

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Home» How To Write A Creative Reflective Essay Thesis. Whenever you have to compose a reflective essay, the narrative should be written in the first person which requires some discussion of personal ideas and feelings in the main body of the text.

Thesis statement should include key thoughts that you are going to expand on later in .


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A creative reflective essay relating my

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A Creative Reflective Essay Relating My Understanding of an Article from the Cross-Cultural Journal of Psychology: TWO DECADES OF CHANGE IN CULTURAL VALUES AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN EIGHT EAST ASIAN AND PACIFIC ISLAND NATIONS.

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