Motorola and the razr case study analysis

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Motorola and the razr case study analysis

Download a free chapter from my book for even more details. Many of us have had customer experience horror stories, either that of your cellphone not working when you have a flat tire, or that of being stuck at an airport for hours or many other such situations.

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After each of these situations we wonder if the company Motorola and the razr case study analysis about us as a customer and do they really need our business. On the other hand, companies are trying to solve the puzzle related to delivering best-in-class customer experience.

So how should a company solve the customer experience puzzle in a way that is easy to understand, some way that would help them differentiate themselves against the competition.

This framework is applicable across many industries as demonstrated by the examples below. Companies should map the customer experience they deliver on these nine factors against their competitors.

Doing this will tell them if they are best-in-class, ordinary or sub-par on that particular factor. Customer Experience Framework Requirements: Different customers have different needs and constraints.

Companies usually tend to overshoot on the customer requirements, which enables them to serve many diverse customer segments with one product. This is good unless there is a conflict with the constraints. This is one of the key factors of customer experience, as it defines the value that the customer is able to derive from the product.

For a Wal-Mart shopper, low prices deliver the right kind of experience. While Neiman Marcus prices deliver the right kind of customer experience to high-end luxury shopper.

So this factor varies by the customer segment being served. Many companies ignore this factor but this is one of the key drivers of customer experience. For example, availability of mobile network when a customer wants to make a phone call.

Similarly, availability of e-commerce websites that offer the right product when the customer is looking to buy. The easier it is to get access to and use in different situations the better is the customer experience.

A good example of this would be Google search, as it is easy to use search engine that delivers good results consistently. But one aspect that remains key is the time spent for initial contact and satisfactory resolution. Insurance companies carefully measure their performance on delivering this customer experience.

Many of these companies are making it easier to file claims and the resolve claims at a fast pace. Imagine your television breaks down right in middle of an important game, quality is an essential part of customer experience and it hurts companies over a long run when product quality is sub-par. And example of a company delivering good experience on this dimension is BMW.

With their 48K and 4 year full service maintenance program they have taken out quality fears from a complicated machine which has many parts that can break. This requires meeting customer requirements in a way that amazes the customer. Apple iPhone comes to mind as an example, but I would like to give one from semiconductor industry.

NVIDIA and AMD are fierce competitors in the graphics card market, they keep delivering cool products year after year to amaze and capture the gamer market. I tag this as fashion as the trend keeps changing all the time. An example is Nike and the effect of the child labor issue on its business.

All companies have some brand value that gives the customer the level of comfort required for doing business with that company, hence driving the customer experience.

For B2C focused companies this customer experience is associated with the company, for B2B focused companies this experience is a function of individual relationships and company brand.

Companies that focus on just one of these nine factors seldom survive, and it is impossible for a company to be best-in-class at all nine factors.

Detailed scientific and general documentation regarding the toxicity of sucralose (Splenda), and other sucralose containing items. Web page includes real life reports of . News and analysis on the emerging technologies transforming how consumers choose what to buy, who to buy from, and how to pay The Motorola Droid Razr has not been advertised as an NFC handset, Case study: Rael Automatic Sprinkler Company; ST25TV product presentation;. The above slide show gives you a brief overview of this topic, while the blog below gives longer narrative. Download a free chapter from my book for even more details.. Many of us have had customer experience horror stories, either that of your cellphone not working when you have a flat tire, or that of being stuck at an airport for hours or many other such situations.

But a good company is best-in-class on 3 — 5 factors. The company might or might not choose to focus on the other factors. Depending on the factors they choose, they define the customer segment they attract and the financial benefit they derive from those customers.

Let me know what you think about the customer experience framework. Would like to read more details about these factors? Read a free chapter from my book describing these factors.Find great deals on eBay for motorola razr cell phone case.

Shop with confidence. This is an exhaustive, comprehensive and accurate list of all the handsets that are available around the world.

Motorola and the razr case study analysis

NFC World’s NFC phones list is mirrored all over the web but since it is a living document you should check this page for the latest information. Introduction. Please note that most of these Brand Names are registered Trade Marks, Company Names or otherwise controlled and their inclusion in this index is strictly for information purposes only.

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Case study for marketing MBA class about Motorola\\’s marketing in China. Motorola case study 1. Motorola: China Experience Group 6 PATRICK J. JOINER ROSS M. SPARKMAN HIROKAZU YABUUCHI Strategy analysis of lg sarthak omer.

Napster case . MOTOROLA CASE STUDY This survey aims to analyse and critically discourse the selling scheme of Motorola with position of the UK nomadic phone market. The survey will analyze and concentrate on Motorola ‘s SWOT analysis, market cleavage, selling scheme ; Porter Five force Model and Competition analysis.

The survey will .

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